Zengami is an independent Singapore based games company focused on creating original games and IP for the global market. The company also develops or co-develops products on a selective basis for international publishers. With years of experience creating highly rated titles for Nintendo, Sega and Sony game consoles, as well as PC, our highly talented team is creating fresh and innovative games aimed to entertain and delight game players around the world.


Zengami was founded by Andrew Carter, previously Head of Product Development, Game Director and Executive Producer at Atari Melbourne House together with Holger Liebnitz - Art director, and Graeme Scott - Technical director. The three game development veterans spent years honing their skills creating acclaimed titles and the cutting edge technology in StarWars (Nintendo NES), KKnD (PC), Lemans 24 Hours (Sega Dreamcast), GrandPrix Challenge (Sony PS2), Transformers Armada (Sony PS2) and more. Zengami is ready to take their console development expertise onto the Nintendo Switch™.